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All Hazard Mitigation Plan

2012 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
The 2012 update of the Hazard Mitigation Plan for Anne Arundel County is complete.    See below:

2012 Mitigation Plan (By Section)
Section 1 - Table of Contents   Section 6 - Hazard Identification, Profiling & Ranking 
Section 2  -Executive Summary          Section 7 -Risk Assessment  

Section 3 - Background  

Section 8 - Mitigation Strategy  
Section 4 -Approval - Adoption  Section 9 - Plan Monitoring and Maintenance  
Section 5 - Planning Process  
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Background Information
On October 30, 2000, the President signed into law the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, also known as DMA2K. Among its other features, DMA2K established a requirement that in order to remain eligible for Federal disaster assistance and grant funds, local and State governments must develop and adopt Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMPs). On February 26, 2002, the Federal Emergency Management Agency published an Interim Final Rule (IFR) that set forth the guidance and regulations under which such plans are supposed to be developed. The IFR provides detailed descriptions of both the planning process that States and localities are required to observe, and the contents of the plan that emerges.
The original version of the Anne Arundel County HMP was approved by the State and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2005, and was subsequently adopted by the Anne Arundel County Council.  The IFR related to mitigation planning specifies that local jurisdictions must update their HMPs every five years, so Anne Arundel County was not required to complete the update until 2010.
What is Mitigation?
Hazard mitigation is often defined as actions taken to reduce the effects of natural hazards on a place and its population.
The 2009 HMP update entailed a comprehensive re-evaluation of all parts of the plan, including hazard profiles, risk assessment, mitigation goals, strategies, and mitigation priorities.   
The purpose of a mitigation plan is to rationalize the process of determining appropriate hazard mitigation actions. The document includes a detailed characterization of natural hazards in Anne Arundel County; a risk assessment that describes potential losses to physical assets, people and operations; a set of goals, objectives, strategies and actions that will guide Anne Arundel County’s mitigation activities, and a detailed plan for implementing and monitoring the Plan.
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To date, we have:
Identified Hazards:
  • 12 Hazards have been identified that have or may affect the County
Performed a risk analysis
  • Risk is a numerical calculation of potential future damages. Although the range of events from erosion to winter storms all have some potential to affect the County, the hazard ranking determined that the Flood, hurricane wind, tornado and winter storm hazards would be included in the more detailed risk assessment
Identified vulnerabilities in the County
  • We outlined the vulnerabilities to residents and property in Anne Arundel County, determining the areas in the county that are most susceptible to the various individual hazards identified
Involved a wide spectrum of County agencies in the process
  • County agencies provided background information and data to assist in the process
  • We have held meetings with County agencies to receive feedback on the information that had been collected
Drafted feasible mitigation strategies intended to reduce or eliminate risk to residents and property
  • These strategies, when implemented by the County, will reduce or eliminate the risk posed by the identified hazards
Maryland Emergency Management Agency and FEMA have approved,the plan, and it has been made available to the public.
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