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Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee Appeals Deadline is August 15, 2013

Publish Date: 08/07/2013
Annapolis, Maryland (August 7, 2013) - The deadline for property owners to appeal an Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (WPRF) assessment is August 15, 2013.  County property owners who feel their property was incorrectly assessed the WPRF, may file an administrative appeal based on the following criteria: : 
  • Incorrect Zoning Classification of Real Property
  • Errors in Impervious Area Calculation for Non-Residential Property
  • Mathematical Errors in Calculation 
  • Real Property is Not Subject to the Charge
  • Property Owner is Exempt From the Charge
  • Errors in the Identification of the Property Owner

WPRF Appeals forms and information are located on the DPW website at  Completed appeals forms must be postmarked by August 15, 2013 and mailed to:

WPRF Appeals Anne Arundel County DPW
MS 7310
2662 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD 21401
Property owners may also request to have an appeals form mailed to an address by calling DPW Customer Relations at 410-222-7582.

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