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County Executive Neuman Seeks Residents to Serve on the Fire Advisory Board

Publish Date: 09/12/2013

Anne Arundel County Fire Advisory Board Members Serve 4-year Terms


Annapolis, MD (September 12, 2013) - County Executive Laura Neuman is seeking citizens to serve on the Anne Arundel County Fire Advisory Board.


Established in 1985, the Fire Advisory Board advises the County Executive and the Fire Chief, on all matters, policies, and procedures related to the administration of Emergency Management Systems/Fire/Rescue services in the County. 


The Board consists of nine members who serve 4-year term limits concurrent with the term of each County Executive as established by the County Charter.  Six members of the Board must be firefighters, with three appointed by the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, two from the Firefighter’s Union and one from the Battalion Chiefs Association.  The three remaining positions are civilians appointed by the County Executive. These individuals shall reside in separate locations within the County. 


County residents interested in applying for a civilian appointment to the Fire Advisory Board should submit a resume to Sarah Francisco, Coordinator of Boards & Commissions


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