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County Executive Neuman and Fire Chief Cox Announce Changes at Two Area Fire Stations

Publish Date: 07/25/2013

Changes Will Have Positive Impact on Residents’ Insurance Rates


Annapolis, MD (July 25, 2013) – Following the 90-day strategic plan that County Executive Laura Neuman and Fire Chief Michael E. Cox, Jr., announced last month to improve fire protection service, two communities are now seeing results. A top priority in that plan called for the reassignment and addition of personnel to correct a staffing deficiency that led to higher homeowner insurance rates for residents in Galesville, Herald Harbor and Maryland City because those stations were not adequately staffed.


“I asked Chief Cox to see what we needed to do to make this situation right for these communities,” said County Executive Neuman, who along with Chief Cox, County Council members Jerry Walker and Jamie Benoit, met with residents to update them on the matter. “I am pleased with the outcome. I want our citizens to know that they have the full force of their government working on their behalf.”


In 2007, the Insurance Services Office (ISO), a private firm that analyzes safety and risk, determined that Galesville, Herald Harbor and Maryland City did not have adequate around-the clock-protection for their communities. While each station had two around-the-clock staff, four were needed to meet ISO’s requirements; that number has now been met.


With the changes, the County has achieved ISO compliance, which means reduced insurance rates for Galesville and Herald Harbor residents. Meanwhile, the County is working to achieve ISO compliance for Maryland City, which in addition to coverage by Anne Arundel County, has a reciprocal relationship with neighboring Howard and Prince George’s counties.

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