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County Executive Laura Neuman Urges Citizens to Prepare for Severe Weather

Publish Date: 06/12/2013
National Weather Service predicts severe weather overnight and tomorrow
Annapolis, Maryland (June 12, 2013) — Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman is urging residents to prepare now and exercise extreme caution overnight and tomorrow in response to severe weather predictions from the National Weather Service. 
“The National Weather Service predicts that we will see severe storms that could resemble last year’s Derecho, said County Executive Neuman.  Residents of the County should take appropriate actions now to ensure their safety and assemble emergency supplies. The Office of Emergency Management is working with the National Weather Service to monitor the storm and will respond as needed.”
Strong storms are predicted to move through the area overnight.  These storms may produce strong damaging winds, hail, and rain.  Tomorrow the atmosphere is expected to recharge with warm humid weather that could produce squall lines capable of turning into strong, damaging winds, heavy rainfall, tornadoes, and hail.  The most vulnerable hours tomorrow will be between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.  Extensive power outages, structural damage, down trees and power lines are possible.
In the event of power outages use extreme caution when operating generators.  Follow manufacturer’s operating instructions and always keep generators outside in well-ventilated areas away from open windows.  
Flooding can occur within a few minutes of a heavy downpour or after hours of excessive rainfall.  Never drive through standing water and always obey road closures.  Take appropriate precautions to secure your home if it is prone to flooding.  
Residents should monitor the local weather channel for advisories and updates on the storm.  Additional information is available at 

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