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County Executive Laura Neuman to Examine Anti-Discrimination Policies and Procedures

Publish Date: 05/17/2013


Annapolis, Maryland (May 17, 2013) — Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman today announced that she has requested an assessment of the County’s anti-discrimination policies and procedures and the role and functions of the Human Relations Commission. 
“I want to take a closer look at the responsibilities and authority of the Commission in order to determine if we are utilizing the agency in the most effective way,” stated County Executive Neuman.  “I also want to explore the possibility of hiring a Compliance Officer to better assist the Commission and serve the needs of County citizens and employees in cases of discrimination or sexual harassment.” 
Soon after taking office County Executive Neuman met with the Human Relations Commission to discuss its mission and role in handling citizen and County employee complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment.  
The purpose of Anne Arundel County’s Human Relations Commission is to promote fairness, eliminate discrimination and harassment in public and private sectors, and advance understanding and effective communication among people of different cultures.  The Commission may investigate and mediate disputes and discrimination complaints but they do not have formal enforcement powers and refer unresolved matters to State and Federal agencies.  
County Executive Neuman has tasked Chief Administrative Officer Karen Cook, an attorney and former federal compliance officer for Anne Arundel Community College, with conducting a review of the County’s current anti-discrimination policies and procedures and providing recommendations for how they may be improved or most efficiently applied. 

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