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County Executive Laura Neuman Sets the Record Straight Regarding Erroneous Claims of Increased Spending

Publish Date: 05/07/2014

Annapolis, Maryland (May 7, 2014) — Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman today responded to erroneous information claiming that she increased spending, staffing and travel expenses.


“I am a conservative steward of taxpayers’ money and it is my responsibility to ensure honesty, transparency and sound judgment in the management of county funds,” said County Executive Neuman.  “Due to the current political situation there has been considerable misrepresentation regarding my office staffing, salaries and travel expenses. These allegations were not backed up with facts, and simply are not true.”


Recently, there have been public criticisms posted through the media claiming that Neuman increased the County Executive’s annual travel budget from $2,500 to $18,000 and that she spent $8,000 on a trip to Ocean City last summer. 


In fact, Neuman did not increase her travel budget.  She attended the Maryland Association of Counties conference last summer from  August 13-17.  Officials from all over the state attend this function each year.  Upon her return home, Neuman wrote a personal check dated August 17, 2013 to reimburse the county $600 for her lodging, which totaled $1,527.64 for four nights. Furthermore, the total charges on the County Executive’s procurement card during her 15 months in office equal $2,771.84, including the MACO trip.


Neuman was also criticized for hiring several highly qualified staff members to fill open positions. While the previous administration had 25 authorized full-time, benefit positions, County Executive Laura Neuman has 21 authorized full-time, benefit positions of which 19 are filled. Contractual employees are utilized to aid with the workload of the unfilled positions.

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