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County Executive Laura Neuman Establishes Tip Hotline to Assist with Police Department Investigation

Publish Date: 05/30/2013

Tip Hotline is 410-222-2400
Annapolis, Maryland (May 30, 2013) — Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman today announced the creation of a tip hotline to be used for reporting information related to concerns that County employees or residents may have surrounding possible unethical or inappropriate behavior by members of the Anne Arundel County police department.
County Executive Neuman has called for an investigation of the police department among ongoing claims of retaliation and disingenuous behavior.  
“I understand that it can be a difficult decision for some individuals to come forward.  This tip hot line is an effort to provide the highest level of confidentiality to anyone wishing to relay relevant information that will assist the task force with their investigation,” stated County Executive Neuman.
Anne Arundel County has a disclosure protection policy to defend against retaliation or retribution to individuals who come forward with information.  
The tip hotline is 410-222-2400.  A voice mailbox has been created and will be managed by the task force.  Callers may remain anonymous although they are encouraged to leave their contact information.  Personnel from the Anne Arundel County Police Department or any other employees will not have access to the hotline.
The task force is comprised of law enforcement officials from Montgomery County and the Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia.   Fred Bealefeld, former Police Commissioner for Baltimore City will chair the task force.

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