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Change in Staffing at Maryland City Fire Station Improves ISO Rating

Publish Date: 01/17/2014

Millersville, Maryland…. In the next step in increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department and improve the public safety for the citizens, on January 1st, Fire Chief Michael Cox added 11 additional positions to the Maryland City Fire Station.


The assignment of these additional career personnel corrects the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) deficiencies in that area and also corrects the unfavorable insurance rating which will result in a cost savings for the residents in the community of Russett Commons. The delay in making this change was due in part to an arbitration decision that resulted from the last labor negotiation process. Prior to this change, a section of Russett Commons fell outside of the response time zone as defined by ISO. The Jessup Station, Fort Meade, Prince Georges County Station 49 (Laurel) and Howard County Station 6 (Savage), who provide service to the area, were all more than five miles from the community.


The Department received its last rating during the Insurance Services Review that was completed in 2007.  With the commitment of County Executive Laura Neuman, the County Council, and guided by the Department’s Strategic Plan, staffing at the Galesville and Herald Harbor Stations was increased in 2013.  By providing the additional staffing to the Maryland City Station, all of the Department’s 31 Fire Stations are now recognized by ISO.


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