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Anne Arundel County Works to Determine if Business and Homeowner Assistance Available Following Tuesday's Flooding

Publish Date: 08/14/2014

Anne Arundel County Works to Determine if Business and Homeowner Assistance Available Following Tuesday's Flooding


Annapolis, Maryland (August 14, 2014) - Many parts of Anne Arundel County experienced flash flooding on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, due to near record-setting levels of rain.  As a result of those floods some homes and businesses sustained damaged.  


Home and business owners should contact their insurance company to determine if their policy will cover their loss. The County is currently working with State and Federal agencies to determine if uninsured home and business owners will be eligible to receive low-interest loans to assist in their recovery efforts. To be eligible to receive a low-interest loan, losses must exceed 40 percent of the property’s value.


For more information, or to be contacted if low-interest loans are made available, contact the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management via email at   or telephone at (410) 222-0600 during normal business hours. Please include or be prepared to provide information about the type of property, the address, a description of the damage and an estimated repair cost.


If it is determined that the County is eligible to receive low-interest loans, additional information will be provided.

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