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Anne Arundel County Highlights Outdoor Safety During Week Three of Building Safety Month

Publish Date: 05/19/2014

Fire, Weather and Outdoor Safety Are Focal Points of 2014 Campaign


Annapolis, Maryland ( May 19, 2014) — Following the May 1 kickoff of Building Safety Month, this year themed “Maximizing Resources, Minimizing Risks,” Anne Arundel County will continue to highlight building safety throughout the month of May.


Each week, the County has stressed an important aspect of building safety to promote the wellbeing of its citizens where they live, work and play. Themed “Surround Your Building With Safety,” the week of  May 19-25 emphasizes protecting your family as they enjoy your outdoor living spaces.


The International Code Council offers several tips for ensuring your family’s safety while enjoying summer fun in the sun:

  • Maintain constant adult supervision around pools and spas.
  • All pools exceeding a depth of two feet must be surrounded by a fence at least four feet high.
  • Always keep a lifesaving device near a pool.
  • When a pool is not in use, it should be covered, and steps and ladders for above-ground pools should be secured or removed.
  • Spa water temperatures should be set at or below 104 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid elevated body temperature.
  • Designate grilling areas as no-play zones, and keep children and pets at a safe distance until grilling equipment is cool.
  • Do not move hot grills.
  • Check propane cylinder hoses for leaks before use.
  • Don’t leave toys, tools or equipment in the yard.
  • Keep steps, sidewalks and patios in good repair.
  • Check all slides, swings, playhouses and other structures for sharp objects, rusted metal, breaks or weakened support pieces.

Following weeks one and two, “Keeping Fire In Its Place” and “Helping Homeowners Weather The Storm,” week four of Building Safety Month will spotlight “Building A Brighter, More Efficient  Tomorrow.” For more information about Building Safety Month, go to, or to learn more about Anne Arundel County’s building codes, go

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