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Anne Arundel County Highlights Efficiency During Week Four of Building Safety Month

Publish Date: 05/27/2014

Fire, Weather and Outdoor Safety Are Focal Points of 2014 Campaign


Annapolis, Maryland (May 27, 2014) — Following the May 1 kickoff of Building Safety Month, this year themed “Maximizing Resources, Minimizing Risks,” Anne Arundel County has continued to highlight building safety throughout the month of May.


Each week, the County has stressed an important aspect of building safety to promote the wellbeing of its citizens where they live, work and play. Themed “Building A Brighter, More Efficient Tomorrow,” the final week of May emphasizes living better, smarter and healthier by building green.


By choosing energy-efficient building materials, homeowners can make indoor and outdoor improvements to create better homes without breaking the bank. The International Code Council offers several tips for using sustainable materials to improve your home’s eco-friendliness:


  • Turn off lights and unplug appliances that are not in use, and switch to using energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Seal air leaks around windows, doors and other openings.
  • Upgrade windows and heating and air conditioning equipment.
  • Change filters regularly.
  • Install additional insulation in walls and attics.
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances.
  • If building a new home, consider the best position on the lot for trapping light and energy, and make use of the energy-efficient foundation, framing, plumbing and wiring materials as well as HVAC systems now available.
  • Keep your home dry and mold-free by installing a drain pan under the hot water heater and dehumidifiers in basements; positioning downspouts away from your house; and installing or replacing exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens.


“Building A Brighter, More Efficient Tomorrow” follows weeks one through three – themed “Keeping Fire In Its Place,” “Helping Homeowners Weather The Storm” and “Surround Your Building With Safety” – of Building Safety Month, and is the last focal point of the 2014 program. For more information about Building Safety Month, go to, or to learn more about Anne Arundel County’s building codes, go to

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