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Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman Announces Transportation Commission Recommendations

Publish Date: 04/14/2014

Findings Recommend Improvements for Infrastructure, Safety and Public Transit


Annapolis, Maryland (April 14, 2014) — Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman today announced the Transportation Commission of Anne Arundel County has completed its task of preparing recommendations regarding the County’s transportation program.

“I am pleased that the Commission’s recommended findings address our County’s most critical transportation and safety needs,” said County Executive Neuman. “My administration is dedicated to increasing efficiency across the county, and I look forward to considering the Commission’s recommendations in optimizing our existing infrastructure and making our streets safer for all users.”

Formed in September 2013, the Commission, composed of 21 members representing communities and major employers, presented recommendations to the County Executive on April 2, 2014, from the following facets of transportation:

  • Public Transportation: Participate in the Regional Transit Agency proposal to promote more effective and efficient public transit alternatives.
  • Roads and Bridges: Optimize the performance, operation and maintenance of the existing road and bridge network, while improving the coordination among the various bureaus, branches, departments or organizations that are responsible for planning, operating and maintaining the County’s transportation infrastructure.
  • Program Administration: Improve the County’s ability to collect, evaluate and use crash and other data in planning and administrating the transportation program and reorganize its transportation efforts to facilitate clearer lines of authority and coordination.
  • Land Use: Understand the relationship between land use and transportation by broadening Adequacy of Public Facilities requirements and linking land use and transportation planning, staffing and funding decisions.

These are only a few of many recommendations. For more information about the report,

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