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Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits Expedites Permit Process with Launch of EZ Tenant Permits

Publish Date: 05/29/2014

New process helps businesses get started sooner


Annapolis, Maryland (May 29, 2014) — The Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits today announced its new EZ Tenant permit program, which improves the process of obtaining interior tenant permits in existing buildings.


“I’m excited that we are making it easier to do business in Anne Arundel County. This is just one of many steps we’re taking to simplify our permitting processes,” said County Executive Laura Neuman. “By enabling tenants to acquire permits faster, we’re allowing businesses to get started in our community sooner and with less hassle.”


To utilize the new process, interested participants can call the Permit Center at 410-222-7730 to schedule a review during one of the six appointments available each  Wednesday. Permit fees will be calculated during the review and must be paid by cash or check. Applicants whose permits can be approved upon review will receive their building permit at the conclusion of their appointment.


The process is limited to business (offices only) and mercantile (retail) use classifications. All construction must be nonstructural, and encompass no more than 5,000 square feet. Applications will be reviewed for adherence to the county’s building, zoning and fire prevention codes. Applications that require review by the Health Department are not eligible.


For more information about the new EZ Tenant permit process, or to apply for a permit, go to

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