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Allegations of Special Treatment of Anne Arundel County’s Former Executive While Incarcerated Proven False

Publish Date: 03/18/2013

Annapolis, MD (March 18, 2013) –Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman today announced that a thorough investigation of allegations claiming special treatment of the former executive John Leopold while incarcerated at the Jennifer Road Detention Center have been found to be false.
“I have met with Chief of Staff, David Cordle and Superintendent of Detention Facilities, Terry Kokolis to discuss reports of special accommodations and provisions being made for John Leopold,” stated County Executive Neuman.  “All inmates in our Detention Centers are treated in the same manner.  John Leopold has been treated in the same custodial manner as his fellow inmates and has not received preferential treatment.” 
Rumors began surfacing over the weekend that John Leopold was receiving treatment and accommodations above and beyond that of other inmates in the Detention Center.  An inquiry revealed that Leopold was not receiving special treatment even though he has continued to make lists of special requests for items such as skim milk, cheerios, bananas and orange juice for breakfast and meals without cheese or red meat.  
“Mr. Leopold may be a high profile inmate; however, he receives the same accommodations and treatment as all inmates assigned his classification,” stated Terry Kokolis, Superintendent of Detention Facilities.  “He has burdened staff with multiple special requests and needs that have not and will not be provided.”
Last Thursday Leopold was sentenced to 30 days in the County Detention Center by retired Circuit Court Judge Dennis M. Sweeney after being found guilty of misconduct in public office.  Leopold also received a $100,000 fine payable to the State, or a $75,000 fine payable to Anne Arundel County, 400 hours of community service and five years of probation.

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