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Maryland Live! Presents $50,000 to County Executive Leopold for Joe Cannon Stadium

Hanover, MD (December 6, 2012) - Maryland Live! Casino officials today presented a $50,000 check to County Executive John R. Leopold, the Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League and Friends of Joe Cannon Stadium to fund improvements at the facility.

Among the possible improvements are a new scoreboard, turf repairs and new netting.

"This is an example of the partnership between Maryland Live! and the County to benefit the community," County Executive Leopold. "We look forward to providing the enhancements to Joe Cannon Stadium for everyone to enjoy."

Joe Cannon was used as a parking area for workers during construction of the casino. Maryland Live! entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Recreation and Parks and the baseball league to pay for the temporary parking arrangement.

Caption from left to right: Gary Shpritz, Vice President of Property Operations for Maryland Live!, Robert Norton, President and General Manager of Maryland Live!, County Executive Leopold, State Senator Ed DeGrange, Duane Cordrey, President of the Chesapeake Men's Senior Baseball League, Rick Anthony, Director of Recreation and Parks, Rusty Bristow, Harmans Civic Association.



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