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Anne Arundel County Government Open Tomorrow with Liberal Leave

Trash collection resumes

Annapolis, MD (October 30, 2012) — Anne Arundel County Government will be open on Wednesday, October 31, with a liberal leave policy in effect. Essential employees must report on time.

The Annapolis Shelter closed today at noon. The Emergency Operations Center will deactivate at 9 p.m. Commuters are asked to use caution as utliity crews, as well as public works and public safety personnel will likely be working on roads to restore power, remove debris and direct traffic.

Curbside trash collection originally scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week will be completed tomorrow and Thursday, November 1, respectively. Collections scheduled for Thursday and Friday will take place on Friday and Saturday. The County landfill and convenience centers will be open for normal hours.

Power outages are expected to continue. Report outages to BGE at 877-778-2222.


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