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DPW Repairs Force Main In Bay Ridge Area of Annapolis

Overnight Break Causes 15 Thsouand Gallon Overflow

Annapolis, Maryland (October 18, 2012) -- An overnight force main break in the Bay Ridge area of Annapolis caused a 15,000 gallon overflow. The overflow did not reach any waterways. 

Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works (DPW) crews repaired the main on Farragott Road and were able to recover five thousand gallons of the overall overflow. Crews also limed and vacuumed the affected area and will continue clean up activities today. Signs have been posted and door hangers have been placed for home owners that were not available for verbal notification. The County Department of Health and the Maryland Department of the Environment have also been notified.

The Department of Health advises anyone coming in contact with the affected area to wash well with soap and warm water immediately. Clothing should also be washed.


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