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County Executive Leopold Vows to Repay Attorney Fees in Civil Case

Remains confident Court will rule favorably

Annapolis, MD (October 17, 2012) - Despite his belief he will win in court, County Executive John R. Leopold has agreed to reimburse Anne Arundel County for attorney fees should there be an unfavorable ruling in a civil case filed against him.

“I am confident that when the jury hears all of the evidence, the result will be the same as a similar claim that has already been dismissed,” County Executive Leopold said. “I want the taxpayers to rest assured, however, knowing ahead of time that I would never allow them to pay my attorney fees if there is an unfavorable court ruling.”

In a signed letter to the Self Insurance Fund Committee, which is responsible for presiding over settlement payments and the cost of civil actions against the County, the County Executive specifically outlined the parameters of such a payment despite his legal entitlement to a government-funded defense.

“There is an important reason for the government to provide for a defense for its employees, which is to guard against intimidation of public servants by people who file frivolous and meritless lawsuits such as the one already dismissed by the court,” County Executive Leopold said. “Absent this protection, the best candidates for public positions would have to think twice about serving.”

A copy of the letter is attached.

Hamner v. Anne Arundel County, Maryland and John R. Leopold


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