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Broadneck Peninsula Trail Groundbreaking and Map

Below is a photo from today's groundbreaking for the Broadneck Peninsula Trail in Arnold, and a map of the trail when completed. Pictured from left to right are Recreation and Parks Director Rick Anthony, County Executive John R. Leopold, Delegate Cathy Vitale, Friends of Anne Arundel Trails President Elizabeth Wyble, Parks Administrator Mark Garrity, Councilman Dick Ladd and Ed Parker.

Parker made a generous donation to the Friends for a rest area along the trail. Phase One of the project, from Green Holly Road to Cape St. Claire Road, is expected to be completed in six months. When the entire project is finalized, the B&A trail will be extended nine miles from Severna Park to Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis.

Stops along Phase I will include the Broadneck Library, Broadneck High School, Cape St. Claire Elementary School, the Andy Smith Equestrian Center, Broadneck Park, as well as local churches and neighboring communities. The project is a partnership of local, State and Federal government, including the State Highway Administration and the Friends.

The American Hiking Society has included the Broadneck Trail in its vision for The American Discovery Trail; a trail that will extend from Point Reyes, California to Cape Henlopin, Delaware. Along the way are 14 national parks, 16 national forests and more than 10,000 historical, cultural and natural features.

Broadneck Trail with Parks, Trails, and Greenways Map.

   Broadneck Peninsula Trail Groundbreaking

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