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County Executive Leopold Seeks Members for Amusement License Commission

Annapolis (July 23, 2012) -County Executive John R. Leopold is seeking members for the Anne Arundel County Amusement License Commission, a seven-member body that regulates commercial bingo.

The Commission advises the Director of Inspections and Permits on the proposal of ordinances and the adoption of regulations to implement the provisions of Article 16, Title 2 of the Anne Arundel County Code, and performs other duties as assigned by the Director. The Commission issues findings and recommendations in the regulation of commercial bingo games.

The Commission consists of seven members: Six citizen members appointed by the County Executive and one police officer appointed by the Chief of Police. Members serve four-year terms coterminous with the term of the County Executive.

Members may be reappointed. The commission meets at the Heritage Office Complex in Annapolis as needed. Members must file Conflict-of-Interest Statements with the Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission.

For more information, call Arlene Berlin at 410-222-1821, or send your resume to


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