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Mandatory Restrictions on Public Water Use Lifted in Anne Arundel County

City of Baltimore Emergency Work to Repair Water Supply Line to the County Complete

Annapolis, MD (July 23, 2012) The mandatory 24-hour restrictions on the use of public water for sections of northern and western Anne Arundel County were lifted this morning by Department of Public Works officials. The announcement follows the completion of emergency repair and replacement work to a City of Baltimore water supply line to the County.

The public safety restrictions were put in place July 18. The action was needed to ensure adequate water supply and pressure was available for fire protection and basic customer service during the temporary loss of water supplied by the City's 54" transmission main.

Anne Arundel County purchases approximately five percent of its overall water supply from the City of Baltimore. In the last several years, capital project investments, detailed in the 2007 Anne Arundel County Master Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Systems, have greatly reduced the reliance on water supplied by the City.


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