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County Executive Leopold Announces Award of Federal Grant to Lift Veterans Out of Homelessness

Workforce Development will provide training for 70 people

Annapolis, MD (June 28, 2012) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation has won a $140,000 federal grant to help homeless veterans find jobs and housing.

“This grant will help us enhance our services to veterans, which already includes programs through the Health Department to treat post traumatic stress and substance abuse,” County Executive Leopold said. “We owe it to our military servicemen to help them find good jobs and adequate housing as well.”

The grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment and Training will provide services to 70 veterans, including career workshops, computer workshops, transitional jobs training, remedial education, and post-secondary education to include on-the-job training, occupational skills training, and pre-apprenticeship training.

“As a son of a veteran, I believe no veteran should return home and have to face homelessness,” said Kirkland Murray, CEO of Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation. “This grant will enable us to give homeless veterans the skills and support structure needed to get back to work.”


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