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County Executive Leopold Congratulates Yevola Peters on Induction to Community Action Hall of Fame

Peters has contributed a lifetime of service to the community

Annapolis, MD (May 16, 2012) - County Executive John R. Leopold today congratulated Yevola Peters, Special Assistant for Human Relations and Minority Affairs, on her induction into the Community Action Hall of Fame.

“Yevola Peters is the definition of a public servant because she has devoted her career to helping her fellow citizens, especially those who are most vulnerable,” said County Executive Leopold, a former board member. “I cannot think of someone more deserving of such a special honor. She continues to make a difference in the community every day.”

As a volunteer at the Community Action Agency in 1966, which was then called the Anne Arundel County Economic Opportunity Committee, Inc., Peters taught children how to play the accordion at the old Stanton Center in Annapolis. After a stint as a teacher at Corcoran Junior High School, she rejoined the agency to administer summer camp programs in South County.

Peters later became the CEO of the agency in 1974 and remained in that capacity for 15 years, successfully securing federal grants to fight poverty. She rejoined the Community Action Agency as Executive Director from 2001 to 2005.

Other honorees at the Community Action Hall of Fame induction ceremony tomorrow night include Daniel Highmon, Sylvia Jennings, Sylvia McMillan and Everett Wilson. The event will be held at La Fontaine Bleue in Glen Burnie, and starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $60 at the door.


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