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County Executive Leopold Announces Plans for Adaptive Track at Freedom Field

Lake Waterford Park Complex designed for special athletes

Annapolis, MD (April 4, 2012) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked the Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer for approving Program Open Space funds for the Lake Waterford Park Adaptive Recreation Track.

“The development of a state-of-the art facility for children with special needs has always been one of my top priorities and is a model for adaptive recreation," County Executive Leopold said. “This addition to the Adaptive Recreation Complex at Lake Waterford will provide additional opportunities for athletes to excel at their sport."

The newly funded project consists of a 220-yard rubber surface track to complement the existing “Freedom Field,” which was opened to the public in July of 2010. The State grant is for $438,000 towards a total project amount of $584,000. Construction is expected to begin by next spring.

An accessible playground is also part of the Adaptive Recreation Complex, which is designed for baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and track and field. County Executive Leopold has also supported individuals with disabilities through higher penalties for violating disability parking laws and events like Disability Awareness Day, which honors employers who hire individuals with disabilities.

For information regarding the County’s adaptive recreation programs, please contact the Department of Recreation and Parks at 410-222-7313 or visit the Department’s website at


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