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County Executive John R. Leopold Asks for the Installation of North County Air Monitoring Stations

Annapolis, Maryland (March 20, 2012) – County Executive John R. Leopold has asked the Maryland Department of Environment to install air monitoring stations to protect the health of residents living in the 21226 ZIP code. A recent study has shown that this area has the worst air pollution in the State.

“Air pollution travels without respect to jurisdictional boundaries,” County Executive Leopold wrote in a letter to MDE Secretary Robert Summers. “Most of this air pollution originates outside of the County and is beyond the control of our residents. All reasonable steps to decrease the amount of particulate matter, ozone and other air toxics must be taken.”

Mr. Leopold’s request is in response to considerations and recommendations made in the newly released report Air Quality Profile of Curtis Bay, Brooklyn and Hawkins Point, Maryland. Prepared by the non-profit organization Environmental Integrity Project, the report states that the highest levels of air pollution present in the State are in Brooklyn and Curtis Bay, in close proximity to the Anne Arundel County communities of Stoney Beach, Orchard Beach, Greenland Beach, Chestnut Hill Cove, Brockington, and Carvel Beach.

View County Executives Leopolds Letter to the Secretary

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