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County Executive John R. Leopold Seeks Public Input on Transportation Functional Master Plan

Annapolis, Maryland (January 23, 2012) – County Executive John R. Leopold and the Office of Planning and Zoning, Transportation Division announced today plans to hold a public meeting on Wednesday, February 15 at Annapolis High School Cafeteria, 7700 Riva Road, Annapolis from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. to present findings regarding the Transportation Functional Master Plan (TFMP) study.

“I encourage citizens to attend the public meeting and provide input,” stated Mr. Leopold. “Options for improving traffic and reducing congestion in the County are limited and expensive. Therefore, it is important for citizens to provide feedback on our consultant’s concepts.”

For the past year, the County has worked with a consultant through a Federal planning grant to explore ways to reduce traffic congestion while accommodating growing travel demands. The TFMP is a response to the County’s 2009 General Development Plan which acknowledges travel demand continues to grow with limited road capacity. Accordingly, the TFMP examines the feasibility of alternatives to single occupant auto travel including HOV, rail, bus, cycling and walking. The study has identified transportation options in thirteen corridors. These corridors represent the most heavily traveled highway corridors in the County.

The thirteen corridors are:

1. US 50: Prince George’s County Line to WP Lane Memorial (Chesapeake Bay) Bridge
2. MD 2: Central Avenue (MD 214) to West Street (MD 450)
3. MD 2: US 50 to I-695
4. I-97: US 50 to I-695
5. MD 32: I-97 to Howard County
6. MD 100: MD 648 to Howard County Line
7. MD 295: Prince George’s County to I-695
8. MD 3: Prince George’s County to MD 32
9. Magothy Bridge Rd to Hog Neck Rd (MD 607) to Ft. Smallwood Rd (MD 173) to Baltimore City Line
10. Benfield Boulevard: I-97 to MD 2
11. MD 176 (Dorsey Road): MD 179 to MD 2
12. MD 170: MD 2 to MD 175
13. Ridge Road (MD 713): MD 176 to MD 175

Additional information about the study can be found on the County’s website at A sign-up sheet will be provided at the door for anyone who would like to speak at the meeting, or comments may be submitted in writing. For more information or special accommodations please call the Transportation Division at 410-222-7440.


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