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County Executive Leopold Provides Proof of Meeting Maintenance of Effort to State Education Officials

Attorney General’s Opinion was used as guide

Annapolis, MD (January 11, 2012) - County Executive John R. Leopold today informed the Maryland Board of Education that Anne Arundel County met State requirements for education funding last year.

"The State Board of Education was not presented with all of the information pertaining to our budget showing that Anne Arundel County met legal requirements for education funding," County Executive Leopold said. "We in fact did provide the $610 million in education funding required. We expect that given all of the facts the Board will reverse its decision."

The required funding level required under the State code for FY 2012 was $610 million. In a Certification Statement provided by the County Board of Education to the State, the County school system recognized only $556 million of County funding, failing to acknowledge $54 million in debt service payments for school construction.

An opinion by the Maryland Attorney General provides that debt service can be included in the calculation for meeting Maintenance of Effort if the calculation includes an adjustment to the prior year’s funding to include debt service. This was done by the County Council in its determination of the FY 2012 Maintenance of Effort requirement. The County Council, the fiscal authority for Anne Arundel County, approved the use of debt service in meeting State requirements.

Documents sent to the Maryland Board of Education are below.


Notice of Non-Compliance with Maintenance of Effort

Certification Statement State Share of the Foundation Program For Fiscal Year 2012 - Page 1
Certification Statement State Share of the Foundation Program For Fiscal Year 2012 - Page 2 Adjustments to Local Appropriation Anne Arundel
Approved ABAO - Bill 27-11
Approved ABAO - Bill 27-11 Exhibit A
MOE FY2012 Non-Compliance - Leopold's Cover Letter
MOE - Attorney General Opinion on Montgomery and PG Method - 2009
MOE Calculation for State Board Letter of December 19, 2012

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