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County Executive Leopold Announces Temporary Suspension of Computer-Aided Dispatch System

Old system will be reactivated while technical issues are fixed

Annapolis, MD (December 23, 2011) — County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that the County is temporarily suspending the rollout of its new computer-aided dispatch system in the interests of safety for police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

"We want to have the most modern communications and tracking systems available to our public safety personnel, but our priority concern is their safety when they are out in the field," County Executive Leopold said. "I support this recommendation by Chief Teare and Chief Ray to shut the new computer system down while we fix problems that have been identified by our dispatchers and first responders."

The new Tiburon e-911 system was activated on Dec. 6. Public safety personnel have since identified problems that could potentially put them in danger, such as difficulty determining the exact location of an officer responding to a call or viewing prior incident information for a particular location.

After discussing the challenges this week, members of the Administration, public safety agencies and the Office of Information Technology met and decided to revert to the prior dispatch system for 30 days to resolve problems with the new system.


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