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County Executive Leopold Announces Improvements to Fire Apparatus Service and Repair Operations

Focus on standardization, consolidation and preventive maintenance

Annapolis, MD (November 15, 2011) - County Executive Leopold today announced several changes to operations geared toward improving performance of the maintenance shop and the fire apparatus fleet.

“Using all the tools available to us we can provide the Fire Department and the Volunteer Fire Companies with a better level of service in order to keep fire trucks and ambulances on the street and not in the garage,” County Executive Leopold said. “We need to work smarter, not harder.”

On July 7, 2011 County Executive Leopold appointed a task force to review the efficiency and effectiveness of the County’s Fire Maintenance Garage. The committee’s goal was “to review all aspects of the fire garage and provide a written report on observations and recommendations to improve operations.” The Task Force has forwarded 31 recommendations to the Administration.

The Fire Garage was built in 1977 and was responsible for maintenance of 150 pieces of Fire apparatus. Today, the Fire Department’s fleet consists of 291 vehicles. Due to the age, size, and demand on the facility, the County must use every possible procedure to improve productivity to keep the life safety vehicles ready and available for service.

County Executive Leopold directed immediate action on the following recommendations:

  • Provide funding through the budget to increase available space and keep equipment out of the elements by building an awning
  • Consolidate record keeping in order to avoid the confusion and redundancy of separate records at the Fire Maintenance Shop and the Fire Department
  • Train fire personnel on preventive maintenance on site at the garage
  • Calibrate preventive maintenance to hours and time instead of miles
  • Reinstate Apparatus Specifications Committee to review planned purchases of equipment
Fire Garage Report

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