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County Executive John R. Leopold Seeks Public Input to County Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan Update

Annapolis, Maryland (November 16, 2011) - - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today the start of a comprehensive study of pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the County’s suburban and urbanized areas. He also called upon citizens to become part of the process by attending public meetings and/or applying for appointment to the Citizens Advisory Committee.

"Walking and bicycling are alternate modes of travel that should be encouraged and supported within our infrastructure," said Mr. Leopold. "This study will identify areas where improvement is needed. Input from everyday users is information that is vital to this process."

The study aims to identify deficiencies in the current network of sidewalks, trails, on-road travel lanes, crosswalks, etc. and develop a systematic way to prioritize improvements as funds become available or as development occurs. The study will focus primarily on accommodating day-to-day transportation activities, such as travel to work, school, libraries and shopping.

Approximately 80% of the study is funded through a Federal transportation planning grant and it is expected to take about eighteen months to complete.

"Although funding to construct new facilities is very limited," Larry Tom, Director of the OPZ, stated that "now is an excellent time to plan for the future and as the economy recovers." In the meantime, the study will help the County identify those important projects that can be undertaken with limited resources and will serve as a guide for projects constructed by developers and Federal and State funding opportunities.

In addition to conducting a series of public meetings, the County Executive will appoint a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) who will work with the Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) and project consultant to provide ongoing citizen and community perspective.

OPZ will announce dates and locations for three public listening sessions in order to solicit citizen input regarding the presence, adequacy or lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and amenities in their communities. Members of the public who wish to apply for an appointment to the Citizens Advisory Committee should contact the Office of Planning and Zoning, Transportation Division at 410-222-7440. CAC application forms will also be available at the listening sessions.


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