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County Executive Leopold Opposes Expansion of Fly Ash Dump by Constellation Energy

Requests modification of Hawkins Point landfill development plan

Annapolis, MD (November 9, 2011) - County Executive Leopold today urged the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to reject plans by Constellation Energy to expand its recently acquired fly ash disposal facility at the County's northern border because of the potentially harmful impact to public health and the environment.

"Fly ash is a known carcinogen that threatens our air and water quality, but the State continues to allow the dumping of this material without the proper protections in place," County Executive Leopold said. "We have already seen evidence of groundwater contamination from fly ash in West County. The State must stop ignoring the concerns of the public, deny any expansion of the landfill and move immediately to reduce the disturbance and environmental impact from this site."

The proposal by Constellation Power Source Generation, Inc. maximizes the footprint of the landfill and provides no area onsite for mitigation. Proposed work on the 65-acre site expands the footprint of the landfill by four acres and increases the height by 24 feet. The proposal calls for the disposition of more than 7.4 million tons of fly ash over a 30-year period at a rate of 150,000 tons of fly ash annually.

County Executive Leopold has secured passage every year since 2007 of legislation to prohibit the placement of fly ash anywhere in Anne Arundel County. Residents must be assured they are protected from coal combustion byproducts.

A public hearing on the request has not been set, but written comments can be sent to:

Horacio Tablada
Director, Land Management Administration, MDE
1800 Washington Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21230-1719

You can also call 410-537-3304 or e-mail

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