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City of Baltimore Water Main Failure Repaired

Pipe Serves Parts of Northern Anne Arundel County

Annapolis, MD (October 22, 2011) - A 40" City of Baltimore water main that services parts of northern Anne Arundel County broke overnight causing a disruption is service to some residents in the Brooklyn Park area. Anne Arundel County Utility crews were able to redirect water supply to minimize interuptions in service.

Repairs were made by the City of Baltimore and all supply problems have been resolved as on 12 p.m. The Department of Public Works is advising customers the lived north of Hammonds Lane:

1. The water may be discolored for a few days but is safe to drink. Customers should run the water inside their house until clear. If problems persist they can call 410-222-8400.

Also, business owners who are closed on the weekend may want to check their bathrooms fixtures to insure that they are not running.


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