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County Executive Leopold Announces Aid to Coastal Communities to Remove Debris from Storms

$50,000 grant from DNR will fund dumpsters

Annapolis, MD (September 15, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that coastal communities are eligible to receive dumpsters needed for the cleanup of debris thanks to a grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

“We are continuing to provide assistance to our citizens who are still cleaning up from recent storms and have significant amounts of debris that has washed down our waterways onto beaches,” County Executive Leopold said. “We are grateful for the support from the State of Maryland.”

Anne Arundel County mobilized its resources during Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee to keep residents safe, providing rescue service to stranded motorists, repairing and clearing roads, providing clean drinking water and disseminating timely and accurate information. The dumpsters are provided by a $50,000 grant and will be placed and removed by private contractors.

Community associations for waterfront areas are eligible to request dumpsters through the Office of Community and Constituent Services by calling 410-222-1795 or sending an e-mail to Individual residents are not eligible to apply, so please contact your community association.


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