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Rain Storm Causes Road Blockages and Closures


Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works (DPW) Bureau of Highways Road Operations has closed or reduced to one lane multiple road segments in the Northern, Central and Southern Road Districts due to roadway wash outs resulting from flash floods associated with Tropical Storm Lee. Citizens are urged to respect barriers placed for the safety of the traveling public.

Detours remain in place at the following locations to re-route traffic around blocked sections of roadway. Detour maps are available on

* Patuxent River Road

* Old Herald Harbor Road

Update: The following roads closed as a result of damage from TS Lee have been opened since our last update: Chesterfield Road, Hog Farm Rd, Energy Court, and Harwood Road are now open. The following roads remain closed: Old Herald Harbor Road from H Diggs Lane to Bill Carr Road and Patuxent River Road from Queen Anne Bridge to Farmers Lane. All partially blocked road segments have been opened to their full extent.

Road Restrictions and Advisories
List of Roads Partially Blocked 
List of Roads Closed 

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