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Hurricane Food Stamp Benefits Only Available to Current Enrollees

Annapolis, MD (August 31, 2011) - The following information is for Anne Arundel County Residents who are currently on Food Stamps now and who may have lost power during Hurricane Irene and, as a result, lost food that needed to be refrigerated or frozen.

You are not eligible for Food Stamp reimbursement as a result of Hurricane Irene if you were not already enrolled in the program. The Department has received numerous inquiries about FEMA reimbursement falsely thinking they are eligible but not already receiving Food Stamps.

  • The Federal Rules allow DSS to replace the value of food lost in a disaster for people who are on food stamps.
  • This replacement benefit is an important we make sure people who are on Food Stamps do not go hungry during an emergency.
  • If you:
    • Are currently on food stamps, and
    • Lost power during Hurricane Irene, and
    • The loss of power caused your refrigerated or frozen food to spoil,
Then you may be eligible to have the value of the lost food replaced. 
  • Please visit your DSS Office in Glen Burnie or Annapolis and complete an affidavit. This is a legal form on which we ask you to report the value of lost food. We ask you to sign it to verify that you are telling the truth. DSS staff will process you affidavit and the funds you are eligible for will be placed onto your account.

  • The total value of your replacement will not exceed your total monthly allocation. If you get $16 in food stamps, you are not eligible for more than $16 of replacement.

  • Since it is the end of the month, we realize it is unlikely that any customer has lost the value of their entire Food Stamp grant, and will ask customers to be honest about the replacement value they need.

  • After processing, DSS will try to compare the addresses of customers who receive a replacement benefit with the list of addresses where power was lost during the hurricane.

  • Any customer who made a fraudulent claim of food loss due to a power outage will have the benefit processed as an overpayment. DSS will take the funds out of the customer’s next monthly benefit.

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