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Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold Recommends the Following Preparation Tips for Construction Sites in Anticipation of Hurricane Irene

Annapolis, Maryland (August 26, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold issued the following tips to secure construction sites as a precaution to Hurricane Irene.

"Just as you prepare your home and family for an impending hurricane or tropical storm, it’s important to prepare construction job sites", said Mr. Leopold. "Planning ahead can make a big difference in how well construction sites fair during the storm and reduce loss of property."

Now is the time to activate hurricane/storm job site plans and cancel deliveries to construction sites until after the storm. Construction sites are also required to take tower cranes out of service if wind speeds exceed 45 MPH. Other precautions that should be taken include:

• Secure all job sites, giving priority attention to those located in the most populated areas;

• Clean up all construction debris;

• Tie or band together all loose plywood and lumber. Secure other loose building supplies;

• Remove permit board and all job site signage and;

• Locate and turn off electricity, water and gas.

Also, remember to secure all portable toilets. Portable toilets can be anchored adjacent to L-shaped walls under construction, and they can be weighted down with concrete blocks or sand.


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