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County Executive Leopold Recognizes International Assistance Dog Week

County Executive John R. Leopold today recognized International Assistance Dog Week by issuing a proclamation on behalf of the citizens of Anne Arundel County. Pictured with the County Executive accepting the proclamation are Nancy Patterson, of Davidsonville and her service dog Mahler, and Debbie Strickenburg, of Gambrills, Puppy Raiser, and Hopper, 16 months, Assistance Dog in training, all from Canine Companions for Independence (CCI.)

Nancy is the volunteer coordinator for (CCI), and received the 2010 Disability Awareness Day Award, the highest honor given by the Anne Arundel County Commission on Disability Issues. Like last year, CCI will have a service dog demonstration at Disability Awareness Day 2011 scheduled for October 29, 2011, FROM 1 to 4 p.m., at Westfield Annapolis Mall.

For more information, call Assistant Police Chief Emerson Davis at 410-222-8507.

CE Leopold Recognizes International Assistance Dog Week

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