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Grease and Rags Cause Wastewater Overflow

7,500 Gallon Spill Near Marley Station Mall Did Not Reach Marley Creek

Annapolis (August 8, 2011) – Grease and rag buildup in a Glen Burnie Sanitary Sewer caused a sewer main failure and resulted in a 7,500 gallon wastewater overflow. Department of Public Works crews responded at 9:30 a.m. to an area behind the Marley Station Mall and contained the spill to a marshy area between Rt. 100 and Rt. 2.

Once the overflow was stopped, the area was cleaned and limed. The County Department of Health and the Maryland Department of the Environment were notified.

Non-biodegradable materials and materials slow to degrade such as kitchen grease, disposable diapers, baby wipes and napkins sent down the kitchen drain or flushed in toilets can clog sewer pipes and lead to backups in homes and public system overflows. Information on what material is safe to dispose of into the sewer system can be found on the DPW website at

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