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County Executive Leopold Seeks Members for Veteran Affairs Commission

Group advocates for active and retired military

Annapolis, MD (August 2, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold is seeking applicants for the Veteran Affairs Commission.

"Our veterans make the ultimate sacrifices for their country, and we want to ensure that we are looking out for their best interests here at home," County Executive Leopold said. "Working with the Veteran Affairs Commission and the County Council, my Administration has helped establish hiring preferences for veterans and provided funding for treatment of post traumatic stress and drug addiction. That work must continue."

The 13-member Veteran Affairs Commission is a forum for all Anne Arundel County veterans of military service. It is charged with identifying opportunities to improve financial and other assistance to veterans, including higher education and healthcare, as well as providing statistics and organizing events for our troops and veterans. Applicants must have separated from military service under honorable conditions, and be willing to serve a three-year term concurrent with the County Executive’s remaining term in office.

Interested parties should forward a resume to Arlene Kaye Berlin, Director of Boards & Commissions at or mail to:

Office of the County Executive
44 Calvert Street
Mail Stop 1400
Annapolis, Maryland 21401



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