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Benfield Road Capital Project Begins June 24

Relining Work in Severna Park Will Rehabilitate 4,500 Linear Feet of Pipe

Annapolis (June 20, 2011) The Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works (DPW) will begin a capital project Friday, June 24 to reline 4,500 linear feet of sewer main along Benfield Road in Severna Park.  The work is part of the annual $5.4 million County-wide Sewer Infrastructure Investigation, Rehabilitation and Replacement Program to ensure the adequacy of the County's Wastewater Collection System.  Relining is expected to be complete by September 1, 2011.

Construction will take place on Benfield Road from West Drive to Treslow Glen Drive and
Benfield Road from Balsam Drive to the intersection of Evergreen and Hollyberry Road. 

During construction, Benfield Road will remain open at all times.  Prior to July 5, several side streets will be temporarily closed and adjusted traffic patterns (see map below/attached) will be required in order for the work to be completely safely.  No road closures or traffic pattern adjustments are anticipated after July 4.  

Detour signs will be in place alerting motorists in advance of required closures and new traffic patterns during the initial stages of construction.  Motorists are asked to use caution during construction and to follow the provided detour signs.

Concerns during construction can be directed to the County's onsite inspector, Phillip Schaefer, at 443-871-4052 or DPW Customer Relations at 410-222-7582 or
Benfield Road Sewer Relining Closures

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