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County Executive Leopold Encourages Volunteers to Participate in Emergency Exercise

Event will test sheltering and response plans

Annapolis, MD (May 31, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today encouraged citizens to participate in a full scale emergency exercise at Arundel High School in Odenton this month.

“We have seen disasters recently in the Midwest and South that happen quickly with little notice, leaving communities devastated,” County Executive Leopold said. “It is important to test our capabilities so that Anne Arundel County is ready for any emergency situation. The more volunteers who participate in this exercise, the closer it will feel to an actual event.”

The Emergency Sheltering exercise will take place on Friday, June 17, and is sponsored by the Office of Emergency Management, Department of Social Services, Department of Health, American Red Cross, and other partners.

In order to assess the County’s sheltering capability, organizers are seeking volunteers to play disaster victims. A minimum of 75 volunteers are needed for this exercise. People of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities are encouraged to participate.

Please contact Karen Sank at or at 410-222-0611 to sign-up as a volunteer.


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