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County Executive Leopold Vetoes Zoning Measures that would Negatively Impact Communities

Withdraws pending legislation to improve citizen input

Annapolis, MD (May 26, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today vetoed four zoning changes approved by the County Council that substantially violated the General Development Plan and sound planning principles.

"Zoning plays a critical role in our future prosperity and quality of life," County Executive Leopold said. "We need to ensure that we increase density in targeted growth areas and reject higher density that would damage existing neighborhoods. We also need to ensure that citizens play a larger role in the process."

The Administration also withdrew Bill 44-11, which would set zoning for the next decade in Council Districts 6 and 7. County Executive Leopold has asked the Council to improve transparency in its process of reviewing zoning changes.

The following amendments to Bill 12-11 were vetoed today:

No. 5 - This amendment constitutes spot zoning because it would increase density on a large tract of land inconsistent with the surrounding neighborhood.

No. 18 - This amendment is contrary to the concept of mixed-use zoning and could place warehouses in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

No. 21 - This amendment could double the density of the neighborhood and threaten the availability of affordable housing in the County.

No. 32 - This amendment could double the density of the neighborhood and allow increased traffic to pass through a neighborhood incapable of supporting the volume of traffic.

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