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County Executive Leopold Executes Agreement for Police Response at Linthicum Light Rail Station

Blue Light Emergency Calls will go directly to Arundel dispatch

Annapolis, MD (May 5, 2011) – County Executive John R. Leopold today executed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Maryland Transit Administration that will expedite police response to emergency calls from the Linthicum Light Rail Station.

“Our Police Department has been working closely with the State to ensure that security is enhanced at the light rail station,” County Executive Leopold said. “We are confident that this agreement, coupled with other enhancements by the Maryland Transit Administration, will address the concerns of citizens living around the station.”

Anne Arundel County purchased Blue Light Emergency Call equipment at the station that provides two-way voice communications between the MTA Police Monitoring Facility and the Anne Arundel County Police Department. The MTA has also added 15 security cameras, increased patrols and taken measures to decrease loitering around the station.

“Anne Arundel County Police will continue its efforts to meet with community groups and patrol the area, including the presence of bicycle units at light rail stations and on trains,” County Executive Leopold said. “I initiated a streetlight program that has resulted in the installation or upgrade of nearly 2,000 lights throughout the County. We have already installed streetlights along routes such as Shenandoah Avenue in Pumphrey and Broadview Boulevard in Ferndale. Streetlights are currently planned for installation on Henson Avenue in Pumphrey.”


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