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County Executive Leopold Joins Councilmen Grasso and Ladd at Goodwill Recycling Event

Residents can now donate to charity instead of throwing away items

Annapolis, MD (April 26, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold joined Councilmen John Grasso and Dick Ladd this weekend to kick off the Goodwill recycling program that makes it convenient for residents to donate items to charity rather than throw them in the landfill.

"Saving space in our landfill is just like saving money," County Executive Leopold said. "Every little bit counts. This program helps nonprofits such as Goodwill and AmVets, and also cuts down on the amount of materials disposed of in our landfill. If our first weekend is any indication, this program will be an enormous success."

County residents at the Glen Burnie Convenience Center made 42 donations to Goodwill with a total weight of approximately 1,764 pounds. The items donated included clothing, furniture, toys and household goods. County Executive Leopold and Councilman Grasso greeted residents as they entered the facility to encourage them to donate. Chairman Ladd participated by bringing items to donate.

Two more events are scheduled at the Glen Burnie Convenience Center on May 7 and May 21. For more information, call 410-222-7951.


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