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County Executive Leopold Announces Successful Court Ruling Will Save $7 Million for Taxpayers

Circuit Court Reduces Previous Judgment

Annapolis, MD (March 25, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that a Circuit Court judge has reduced his previous judgment in a case against Anne Arundel County regarding impact fees by approximately $3.4 million. Withinterest due on the judgment, that constitutes a savings to the County of as much as $7 Million.

“I am pleased that the efforts of our Office of Law and Budget Office have paid off in this case inherited from the previous Administration,”County Executive Leopold said. “Revenue from impact fees is critical to providing the infrastructure necessary to handle new development. Thanks to our efforts, the judgment has decreased from $10 million with interest to $3 million with interest.”

In 2006, Circuit Judge Philip T. Caroom ruled that the County should pay $4.7 million to individual property owners who claimed they were due refunds for impactfee payments that were not spent within the required time frame. The Maryland Court of Special Appeals later remanded the case to the Circuit Court.

Today’s ruling that the County will pay $1.3 million plus interest is a significant development in this decade-long case. Kurt Svendsen of the Budget Office was able to work with the County Office of Law to provide documentation of payments going back several years to the court.


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