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County Executive Leopold Appoints Citizens Advisory Committee for Transportation Functional Master Plan

Annapolis, Maryland (March 22, 2011) – County Executive John R. Leopold today announced the appointment of eight members to the Citizens’ Advisory Committee for the Transportation Functional Master Plan. 

 “An efficient transportation network is vitally important to enhancing our economic development in order to remain competitive in the regional and global economy,” County Executive Leopold said.  "I want to thank these citizens for their service."

The members are:
Michael Gellner
Katherine Falk
William Nevel
David Cosner
Lenora McMillian
Phil Bissett
Ben Hillard
Maureen Carr

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee will provide insight and recommendations produced during the course of the TFMP study. The CAC members will also assess and provide guidance, from a citizen's perspective, regarding the feasibility of a range of potential transportation solutions.

Earlier this year, three public listening sessions were held in order to solicit citizen feedback about the transportation system in nine corridors of the County.  These areas were identified to be where most of the County’s travel occurs and will also see the majority of growth in relation to the General Development Plan.

The study is being conducted by a team of consultants under the direction of the Office of Planning and Zoning and is 80% funded through a Federal transportation planning grant.

For more information on the TFMP study, please visit and click on the quick link.


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