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County Executive Leopold and Local Officials Urge Congress to Approve Spending on Road Projects

Statewide needs for BRAC top $1 billion

Annapolis, MD (March 18, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold, Harford County Executive David Craig, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker and Laurel Mayor Craig Moe today joined together to request that Congress act on funding to build infrastructure around base realignment in Maryland.

"Local governments have done their part to get these needed road projects started, but the State and Federal levels are more than $1 billion behind in funding this priority, which will bring jobs and enhance economic activity," County Executive Leopold said. "We must move forward immediately."

The executives sent a joint letter today to the Maryland Congressional Delegation requesting stimulus money for road projects. The State has funded $135 million for projects around Fort George G. Meade and the County has funded $4.5 million so far.

"I gladly stand with my friends and colleagues from Anne Arundel, Harford, and Howard Counties as well the City of Laurel to lobby our federal government to appropriate the necessary funds to support transportation improvements near our military installations across the state," said County Executive Baker. "The anticipated growth resulting from the recommendations from Base Closure and Realignment Commission indeed is a positive impact; however, I strongly believe that our local jurisdictions should not have to shoulder the responsibility alone to provide these transportation improvements. We strongly encourage the Department of Defense along with our lawmakers in Congress to partner with us to ensure our communities' transportation systems are not overburdened by this growth and funding is appropriated to increase mobility and vitality for the areas surrounding our great military installations."

"Over the next 10 years Fort Meade growth will bring thousands of new jobs to Howard County and the region. All of this is happening while much of the country is working through job loss and extreme economic challenges," said County Executive Ulman. "With this growth comes responsibility. Federal, State and local governments must continue to work together to address the challenges and costs related to all regional growth, not just Fort Meade's."

"We implore the federal government to help fund the transportation infrastructure needs that have and will continue to develop as the result of BRAC," said County Executive Craig. "State, county and local government needs the support of our federal partners to complete sorely needed transportation projects associated with BRAC and the infusion of new businesses and families to our region."

"BRAC is very important, not only to Maryland, but also to the communities that surround the military bases where employment growth and residential growth is planned," said Mayor Moe. "As one of those communities, I am excited to see this economic growth occur. I am pleased to solicit Congress jointly with my County colleagues for the assistance we will need to maximize the benefits of BRAC. The City of Laurel will continue it's partnership with all involved."


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