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County Executive Leopold Announces New Odenton Bus Route to Begin Operation Next Week

M Route supports BRAC workers and Odenton MARC

Annapolis, MD (March 11, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that M Route buses will begin providing service next week to Piney Orchard and the Odenton MARC Station.

"This bus route is in response to what commuters in the area requested and growth associated with the expansion of Ft. Meade in West County," County Executive Leopold said. "Citizens in the area who utilize the Odenton MARC station to commute to and from work will now have an alternative to using their cars for this short trip. The M Route reduces congestion and improves connectivity in the area."

Two 30’ long buses will be used for the route that hold 26 seated passengers and two wheel chair positions. The ultra low sulfur buses will run during the peak morning and evening rush hours. The $390,000 cost to purchase of the buses was funded through the MTA from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The County provides operating funds to operate the route.

Central Maryland Regional Transit will operate the route, which begins service on Monday, March . The fare for the bus route is $1.00 each way and route schedules will be available at

"In order to remain economically competitive and continue to improve our quality of life, we must constantly strive to increase mobility by offering the public affordable and accessible options through a variety of transportation modes," County Executive Leopold said.

M Route Stop Locations
M Route Schedule

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