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County Executive Leopold Thanks Board of Public Works for Approval of Funding for Spriggs Property

Farm is the "Crown Jewel of the Magothy"

Annapolis, MD (March 9, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked the Maryland Board of Public Works for approving funding to protect the 54-acre Spriggs Farm on the Magothy from future development.

"This property is the Crown Jewel of the Magothy," County Executive Leopold said. "I would like to thank the Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer for their support of this purchase. The significance of this property is evidenced by federal, state and local government coming together during difficult times to invest in something that will benefit future generations."

The Board of Public Works approved a $1.4 million Program Open Space grant and a $700,000 Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant to purchase the property. The Spriggs Property is hailed as the last unprotected farm on the Magothy to be protected from development forever.

"The farm contains over forty acres of mature forest, and a two acre tidal pond that will provide an outdoor classroom for local schools and the Anne Arundel Community College," County Executive Leopold said. "With planning assistance by the Spriggs Farm Preservation Foundation and local residents, it is envisioned that this property will provide opportunities for passive recreation while preserving sensitive natural resources along the Magothy River."

In April of 2009, the Spriggs Farm Preservation Foundation and community representatives in the neighborhoods of Ulmstead, Bayberry and Stonington launched a grassroots effort to "Save Spriggs Farm." Ulmstead and Bayberry were once part of the original 400 acre farm owned by James Spriggs. The Spriggs Farm acquisition is a cooperative effort utilizing Federal Land and Water Conservation funds, State Program Open Space Funds, and Anne Arundel County Forest Conservation Funds.

Photo of Spriggs Farm

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